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Axminster service - a funny (good) tale


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10 Mar 2011
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Sevenoaks, Kent
I do like Axminster... said so many times.
Well, a little while ago my daughter sold a pair of used Converse on ebay - stay with me on this :)
Something went wrong with the sale and it was agreed the buyer would return the goods.
I knew nothing at all of any of this, but one day out-of-the-blue - I got a call from Axminster in Devon - along the lines of 'Now what would you like us to do with these trainers you sent back?'
Turns out the buyer returned in the box they arrived in (one of my Axminster ones) but didn't bother to address it, so it was duly delivered to Axminster. They looked me up on their database and called.
(Actually I do owe them an answer... I trust by now they will have binned them.)

Now that is customer service.