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FTAGH Axminster M950 needs a new home FREE


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11 Feb 2011
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Lampeter , West Wales
Having given up turning five or six years ago I’ve been keeping this lathe for my niece but I now want to pass on the lathe a a stack of large blocks of mainly sycamore to a deserving new home. The lathe has no base as I mounted it on a sturdy bench nor does it come with a chuck or any tools but I may still have one or two face plates. It was working fine when I put it away and there is no reason for it to be any different now.

I am based near Lampeter in West Wales and any prospective new owners need to be able to collect both the lathe and the wood.

I will attach some photos when I manage to get it out of its current location.
Is it this one , but without the legs ?

A nice gesture , Hope someone can put it to good use , Have you put it on the AWGB web site as well if you get no takers here .