Axminster AC216TS table saw nightmare..

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Yeah, I can confirm that it must have been a Friday afternoon job. Even the power switch is on upside down!
A lot of saws are advised to need a 16amp supply, but need nothing like it, the problem is running a saw off a ring main which has another power hungry appliance on it, I am sure you know who to work out how many amps your saw or the next model up will draw from your power circuits, don't forget that most ring mains are on a 32amp MCB the problem you may find is the start up feed back may trip the circuits RCD.
Thanks for that - is not considered it! How would I know if the saw will trip the circuit every time I start it? I don’t really want to spend all that money and find it tripping all the time!
I only have one machine on at any given time plus the shop vacuum, of course. Maybe that would help?
In any case, I’ll have to install a specific 16A socket and hopefully that will stop it tripping the RCB
If you do a search on here for this saw AW10BSB-2 you will find lots of people are running them off a 13map plug without problems, its 2200watts so that is 9.5Amps.

If you do have problems with the vac as well, just start the saw first and when up to speed start the vac.
Ok but the one I was looking at is the AT254SB, I think that comes with one of those commando plug things.
How would I run that off a 13A socket?
Some resolution here. :)
Axminster collected the saw and it looks like it’s a Friday afternoon special from the factory. They delivered the larger saw that I opted for at the same time.
I must say that they were absolutely amazing about the whole thing and I’m very happy with the new saw.
I guess these things happen and I’m encouraged by the fact that the old saw got shipped back to the Axminster head office to get poked about to try and work out how so much went wrong on one saw!
I continue to be a fan..
Glad it is sorted.

I have the same model and it was pretty much perfect out of the box.

The take away here is that you need to use Axminster's return policy if you aren't happy and get them to replace it rather than attempt to do some fixes. It may get short term results, but it might never be perfect.

The thread drifted off here into a bashing off "things aren't built how they used to be", but it is important to bear in mind that this product is a decent step up in quality from the previous "Hobby" category TS200, and for those after something around the 500 mark, and want a small "proper" table saw, it is hard to beat.

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Agreed, it's far too easy to buy the wrong piece of machinery wishing you bought something else and start to knock what you have.