Arghhhh, I don't believe it !!!

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Hi All

Am in the process of finishing off my second project - a simple wall hanging, shelving unit for displaying framed photographs. In pine for a neighbour to match an existing unit. Nice and simple to match my skills :roll:

Decided to purchase a proper air nailer and compressor (AW50N AWC25HP) to replace my Rapesco electric one.

Ordered it on Monday with a hose and quick release couplings from Axminster. It arrived Wednesday. I resisted the urge to play with it straight away (I work from home and have to be careful that I actually do some work :D and resist the call of the workshop) Looked at it on Thursday and found it had been supplied with an incorrect coupling, so I decided to wait for the replacement (the nice people at Axminster said they'd send me the correct one out asap).

The correct coupling arrived this morning - whoopee

Read the manuals on both the gun and compressor, filled the compressor with oil, opened the valve to let the air through as per the manual and switched on to run for 10mins as per the instructions.

Initial reaction wow - it's much noisier than I'd expected, where's the ear defenders, ok got them on - check watch for time 4mins only so far - hang on - it's making a coughing and spluttering - smoke? coming out of oil filler air hole - don't like the look or sound of this - all dials working - air coming out ok sounds as if it's labouring - better switch it off.

After checking the manual, nope haven't missed anything, switch it back on - it's dead, nothing but a buzzing sound, let it cool down for an hour - nope, still dead. Arghhhhhh :evil:

Back on to the the nice folks at Axminster and after a chat they decided to send me out another one for Thursday and collect the dead one.

Oh well, out with the vac for a bit of tidying up therapy :cry:
hehe!! sorry to hear about your troubles!! i bought an air compresser from b&q 'cos it was on sale at £30, but geeess the knows it made was horiffic! i turned it on and i was like ARRRGGGHHHHHH MY EARS!! then i thought, well ill just where ear defenders but, for some reason they put me off, so im going to get one with a tank on so as i dont have to listen to the noise whilst using it!!

My 2 pence worth :p

I have an ABAC which is made in Italy. Also requires a sound proof room! can be heard from other end of property. cost ZAR1000 - about GBP70.
very nice "small" compressor. have still to learn the knack of spray painting the item and not the whole garage!
:D :D
Jaco - sorry forgot to log in.