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Anyone have a mill and looking for cutters


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19 Feb 2015
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North Cumbria

I have a large number of slot and endmill cutters as well as some others in sizes upto 40mm and all good quality brands. They are not new but have not been used since being profesionaly sharpened in a toolroom so are as good as new. I want to sell as a job lot so just seeing if there is any interest out there.
I'm also interested - I've got a new (to me) mill in my shop with 1 cutter to my name. I've got holders for pretty much anything, just nothing to put in 'em.
Hi there

the shanks range from small to large and you will need a range of holders. I have not thought of a price but there are a load of cutters and would take some time to list all. Lets say that with this range you should be covered for most milling jobs that come along. As a guide: 18mm end mill, 28mm 6 edge end mill, 40mm slot cutter, and everything between. To give a better idea the box weighs 6.8Kg of cutters and the bill for sharpening was not cheap. All I would say is that to run the larger cutters you need a big mill, probably like my old bridgeport.
A large bridgeport cnc has become my covid madness in the workshop and I am very short of tools so depending on price I would be very interested. I am over in Newcastle so not a million miles away to collect.
8 –Pricing.
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