Anyone have a depth stop for a 2506 (or a 78) plane?

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1 Aug 2005
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:?: Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a depth stop for a Record 2506 side rebate? Failing that, one from a 78 rebate plane will work reasonably if it's cheap. I can make one, but the correct one would be good. When I got it from eBay without a stop I thought it was just a nice to have, but the way the blades stick out the sides it is impossible to widen a groove without digging a trench in the corner - deeper and deeper! ...Jarviser
Welcome to the forum, Jarviser. Can't help I fear; I've got a #78 skulling about depth-stop-less as it is. :( Does Stanley still sell them as spare parts I wonder? Record are a dead loss as far as a proper replacement goes, of course. The only alternative would be to try all the old tool dealers (list of quite a few in the UK on my website) but I doubt it would be the cheap route somehow, if you could find one at all. :(

Cheers, Alf
Hi and welcome Jarviser, hi Alf,

Try here:
St. James Bay Company

Email for them is [email protected]

The prices below were correct not too long ago:

#78 Depth Stop and screw $10.00
#78 Fence and Rod Assembly $16.99.
#78 Fence rod $3.00
#78 Slitter $4.50 each.
#78 Blade Screw $2.50
#78 Depth stop screw (10/28) new style $3.00
#78 Lever cap & screw $12.00
#78 Cutter adj. $4.00
#78 Depth stop screw old cast type N/P $4.95
#78 lever cap screw $4.00
#78 Blade $9.00
Shhhhh, Mike. :-$ 8-[ How can I justify the Marples with the depth stop, but without the nicker; and the Woden with the nicker but without the usable fence if I end up with a complete Stanley that does everything? :roll: #-o :lol:

Thanks for the suggestion though. I always forget them 'cos I never buy outside the UK. But I still have hopes of finding a depth stop "in the wild"; after all that's how I found the fence for it...

Cheers, Alf

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