Anti slip finish for decking

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22 Jul 2023
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As the title suggests, I'm looking for anti slip decking stain. All I've been able to find is the Cuprinol range, which has a range of colours, all of them sh1tty, in my opinion at least. Anyone know of an alternative? Clear would be good and if it had sand instead of "Microbeads", even better...
Try the search function - I seem to recall a similar post last year and the consensus was you pay a fortune for paint with added sand and I think a few had actually added their own sand to a particular paint but I can’t remember the thread title..
One thing I've seen locally is wire mesh stapled on top, seems to work really well. The local council used it on bridges etc making up a large cycle route project for the last Preston Guild. I was nervous at first but even wet and muddy it's still grippy, even on a road bike with 18mm wide slick tyres.
Thanks for all the replies - we bit the bullet and bought some from slip doctors - expensive but hopefully worth it. I've used wire mesh in the past but it rusts eventually and you have to replace it, along with all the little staples that it's held down with.

Wish I'd thought to look at ships' chandlers...
What is wrong with builders' Sharp Sand sprinkled onto new, wet wood finish? Then brushed off, once dry and set?
As a youth I worked on boats, we would paint the deck all over, then mask areas off, repaint within the panels created, sprinkle the finest sharp sand to be found(sieved) then left to dry. Finally sweep off the loose, a vac would have been very useful and then recoat the whole deck. The unsanded panels allow the water to run off and are slightly decorative but avoid grey in the med!
International sell anti slip powder to add to their finishes which is pretty good