Acrylic paint finish advice please

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5 Jan 2012
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Creuse, France
Hi, I have just made my first jigsaw puzzle - a simple giraffe for my granddaughter. I have some 'ordinary' artists' acrylic paints. Would these be OK to paint it in, and if so do I need to use a primer, and if so what would you recommend? Please bear in mind that I live in France and therefore the easier a thing is to find the better! :) For example, we have DIY shops but not wood-working shops, tool shops, art shops etc.

Thanks for your help

Hi Chris. I use acrylic paints and I find it is best to seal the wood first, especially plywood but mostly I use hardwoods. I buy spray cans from e-bay. They are all acrylic car paints in the main and I buy a primer/sealer that is grey. I give two coats with a gentle sand down between coats and then two coats of paint. I also use acrylic clear lacquer. Another way of sealing the wood is to use shellac sealer but I am not sure if you would get that in France.

Thanks, Geoff,

The paints I have are artist acrylics, but from what you say it seems as if a primer is needed, especially as the puzzle is made out of pine. I will try some DIY primer and have a practice on a spare piece of wood first.

You might want to check on child-friendly paint and finishes in France: especially if your grand-daughter or any brothers and sisters are young enough to put puzzle pieces in their mouth.
Thanks, chrispuzzle. The paints are from Reeves (ordered via Amazon), so I am hoping they are ok, but will check the instructions to make sure.