A novel idea for dust extraction


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I use an old Vax 6000 which is great for my circular saw and sander and floor cleaning and just about handles my table saw

I got it when the carpet cleaner part broke and we had to buy a new one - yonks old now and had a new motor but does the job
Thanks for your contribution. I had been using an Oreck cylinder vac quite successfully until it blew up! - guess it was not rated for continuous running. I must get around to checking it out in case it is just the brushes. However,this is in my home shop which is a vastly different to the issue we have in our shop at the Boat Museum. I think we know where we are going with that now thanks to all the valuable comments from members.
This is the same idea as my MEC-3000W

When you lift off the motor (heavy!!!) there is plastic frame with a large bag fitted to it.
The bag gets brushed off when I empty the bin and once year it goes out for a hosing with the hosepipe.

It is mainly used on the TP and router table.

My late son bought it from a factory where he worked when the factory was moved to new premises.

A quick "tot up" of - Henry hoover, wheelie bin , HD castors and plastic tap, comes to £212. Not a bad idea though, that I'm sure will be copied. Just like those early workshop vacuum cleaners that used large easily available paint cans as their base, have gone on to spawn all those we see today.