A Drive in the Country


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8 Mar 2004
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As I've been rather busy in the WS these last 3 weeks I thought it would be nice to have a family day out. Where would you like to go, I say to HID's, lets go into the country and have a nice walk she says.

There is an alterior motive here because I needed to visit Axminster to get some wet & dry (looks like Philly had the last of the 2500) and a Mortice bit and chesil.

On the approach to Axminster and getting a bit low on petrol I decided to pop in and fill up, on the way in HID's said why don't you pop into the shop and have a browse while I fill the car up. Well not to sound too enthusiastic I stolled across the road and ended up finding these two little beauties in my bag when I got home.


I know I'll pay fir it, but what the hect I'm back to work next week and then I'll only be able to dream of my workshop.
Well done Waka! What every Incra owner needs! Having cut your housings and rebates to 1/1000th of an inch you can now fettle them properly :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Honestly, they are a valuble addition to any workshop. Admittedly, you'll very rarely need them, but when you do, absolutely nothing else will do.

I found this out whilst part way through gluing up some drawers with a mate, glue was on, biscuits in - the base panel wouldn't fit.. Arrgghh. Wet glue means they can't go back ont he tablesaw, - but a few strokes with those and everything went together smoothly. A life saver.

ummmmmmmmm....... Adam....

isn't that what dry fits are sposed to discover..???


maybe it's just me..


they're wee gems huh..??

Adam's spot on about their usefullness too... they come into their own when nothing else can look at it...
Oh, its a good thing I didn't go to Axminster with you-Yes, He tried to convince me on the phone to go with Him! :roll: :lol:
Nice one Mate
Philly :D
I stolled across the road and ended up finding these two little beauties in my bag when I got home.
:roll: :roll:

How could that now have happend. Did you mum never told you to keep your hands in your pockets :lol: :lol:

Wish I lived further south :cry:

Well done Waka, well planned and superb execution :wink: :lol:
Welcome to the forum, Tom.

They're a pair of side rebate planes (rabbet in your part of the world). They're the bee's knees for taking a shaving (or twenty) off the sides of a groove, rebate/rabbet, sliding dovetail or anywhere else where other planes cannot tread. The sole is on the side, so to speak. Like, erm... <rummage> this:


This is just about to enter the cut on the far side of the male part of this sliding dovetail*. Easier to do than say... :wink:

Cheers, Alf

*Want to see more? Then why not visit the foyer and sample our popcor- er, sorry, I mean, why not visit the making of the Music Stand of Myth and Legend? :)

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