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    People of Lincoln, where do you buy your hardwood?

    These are about 30 miles from you, up the A46. May be worth a look.
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    Painting & Decorators

    My brother charges £12.50 an hour but we live in a non too affluent town.
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    Tax question.

    Interesting topic. Thanks for all the input folks.
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    A slightly oddball guitar (completed)

    Looking forward to this. Thanks for posting.
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    Instalay adhesive membrane for wood floor?

    Must be strong to have stuck everything to the ceiling like that. :lol:
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    I've not been on the site for a while and didn't know it had been updated until recently. I started reading this thread and thinking to myself "what dislike button? I can't see it" Then i find later in the thread that it's been and gone and i missed it. Story of my life. :roll:
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    wood flooring

    I still do a bit of laminate fitting. Got one to do for my nephew soon, but i do agree that the heyday is over and all the myriad shops have disappeared now. I usually buy mine from Howdens or Howarth Timber, so makes no difference to me that places like Floors to Go and others are no longer...
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    New kid on the block, saying Hi...

    Welcome! There is just something about working with wood. Even though i do it for a living, i still think of it as a hobby. :D
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    Tax question.

    Thanks Musicman, it's as i thought and i have done it in the past that way. As pointed out earlier, some jobs span the end of one tax year and the beginning of the next. It was just when the other half said that to me, it got me thinking about it. I used to pay an accountant to do them, but...
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    Tax question.

    Yeah, think i will declare it next tax year and use the money saved to buy the new site saw i've been eyeing up. :) If i go over the threshold next year, then they will get it anyway. Thank you all for the input.
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    Tax question.

    Yes, it is my only income. I say it's part time, but that is by choice. I have been self employed since 1991 and could take on more work if i wish, but choose not to. I have a contract with someone that gives me about 3 to 4 months work a year from my home workshop, and that's all i want now...
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    Tax question.

    Thanks for the replies. I haven't done my accounts yet, just a quick tot up of income/outgoings. I am just under the threshold, so no tax to pay. She owes me £4000, which is mostly labour costs and would take me over the threshold. It's not a big amount of money but i'd rather have it in my...
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    Tax question.

    I did a job for my niece last year, which ended up being much bigger than originally planned. As a consequence, she ran out of money and i agreed to defer my bill until the new year, so she could pay all the other trades and for materials. She now has the money to pay me and i was wondering if...
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    Claymore (Brian)

    Speechless. Not been on the forum since before xmas and the first thread i click on is this one as Brian is a favourite poster and i much admire his work and words. My heart goes out to you. Take care.
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    what to do when theres a cable running up wall

    Never seen one of those hanging strips before. Whatever system you use to attach them, the walls being out of plumb will be the same, so if they are, you will need to cover any gaps. End panels usually take care of the problem if you have an end on view that is. A lot of times you don't get to...