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    Next step-up Table Saw

    l’m very happy with my Axminster AC216TS.
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    Sold Veritas Tools For Sale / clamp left **Reduced £30**

    PM sent re the surface clamp.
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    Sold Axminster Planer Blade Setting Jig

    PM sent...
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    What is going on with wood prices right now

    But there are some mouth watering deals on opal fruits...
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    Sold James Krenov. Fine Art of Cabinetmaking

    PM sent...
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    All about finishes on Benchtalk101

    Darn. I was going to join the zoom call, but it completely slipped my mind.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Here’s a little oak end table that I finished recently.
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    Looking into the darkside

    I am a fairly new woodworker and I find that using handplanes is one of the most satisfying aspects of the craft. In my view, the most important aspect of hand tools is knowing how to sharpen. A keen edge makes all the difference. There's plenty of information out on the inter-web-net thing...
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    Portable workbench

    Something like this perhaps? I made this with 12mm ply and 18mm MDF for the top.
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    Small Bandsaw

    I’d agree with this. I had the Record Power BS250 which is a lovely machine. However it didn’t take long for my ambitions to outgrow its capability.
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    Kiln Advice Please.

    I use a similar setup for home brewing. i have a fridge with a greenhouse heater in the bottom. The temperature is controlled with an Inkbird controller which has two switched power outlets and a temperature sensor, one to switch the fridge on/off and the other to control the heater. You just...
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    Neighbour's circular saw accident

    I think it’s exactly what happened. It’s so easily done if you aren’t paying attention and not using anything to hold the work down.
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    Neighbour's circular saw accident

    One of my neighbours had a nasty accident with his circular saw a week or so ago. He was ripping some thin pieces of timber to make a trellis to save spending £18 on buying something. He ended up taking the tops off three fingers(index, middle and ring). Apparently, the finger tips were...
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    Clamp recommendations

    Agreed - I have soem Clarke clamps from Machine Mart and they are awful.
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    Clamp recommendations

    I have 4 x 600mm Axminster parallel clamps and 6 x 900mm clamps from Rutlands. Apart from the colours (and length obviously :) ) they look identical. I suspect they were made in the same factory. As far as performance is concerned, they are very good.