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    Rutlands,Axminster,Titman router bits

    Another vote for Wealden - excellent service/advice and very high quality products.
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    Chip collectors with fine filters

    Axminster sell this.. https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-industrial-series-ub-805ckh-extractor-102237 I bought one of the filters as a spare part and fitted it to my cheap old generic single bag dust extractor and it works a treat. I use it on the CNC machine I also run an iTech HEPA...
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    Workshop hire-out cost?

    Thanks for the replies folks. There will definitley be something contractual and the insurance side will be sorted. @adidat .. Yes! The table to a bit ridiculous, but also pretty handy. I can break it down fairly easilly but I have a semi-regular job that requires set up on a level bench of...
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    Workshop hire-out cost?

    Morning all. I'm due to be away for 4 weeks in July/August. A company has asked to hire my workshop while I'm away and set two joiners away in here (I know and trust them both). The question is, how much to charge for such a thing? Monthly w/shop rent to me is £1000 inc VAT Plus around £150...
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    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Sedgwick, all day long. I'd much rather spend some time to fettle up a solid old machine than buy axminster tat. Once you get the fence sorted it'll be ace. If you don't get the current fence working, maybe something like this would do the job?.. Spare Rip Fence Assembly for Table Saw with Rail
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    Customs declarations and brexit

    If I don't bring in what I need from the EU, where a distributor is based, my next choice is to import it from Taiwan by the container load. Not viable. The EU is a hub for international trade with the UK that we have now lost.
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    Customs declarations and brexit

    It's a shower of ..... Believe me. I have to bring stuff in from the EU and ship out. The customs hassle is an absolute choke on business from both ends. If you fancy a career change and don't mind admin, then customs brokering is a growing industry, helping companies navigate this mess. P****d...
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    Guide rail help

    Remove the existing track mounts on the saw and 3D print some that will work with the Festool/Makita spacing? Maybe use the Makita track saw adapter for design reference?
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    Best website or sites to buy paint and timber finishes - advice

    Another vote for Wood Finishes Direct.. Speedy, reliable service. Their water-based stains are great
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    Table saw fence

    Yup. That'd be the way to do it. I considered as much myself having done a quite a few arduino/stepper projects. There's a guy out there on the interweb who has designed one with a 'zero' sensor on the fence face and a simple (ish) keypad. He tried but failed a kickstarter I think. These efforts...
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    Table saw fence

    Like this?
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    Planer Thicknesser, Bandsaw and Lathe purchase advice

    This one caught my eye on FB marketplace recently.. Single phase.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/358660318539472/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
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    Makita Trimmer - Guide Fence

    Not a fence, but an alternative if you're using makita/festool rails. This will fit your trimmer... https://www.axminstertools.com/makita-rp2301-rt0700-3612c-router-adaptor-to-fit-sp6000-guide-rail-501718?utm_source=tag&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_content=1792&glCountry=GB I use mine on both an...
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    Startrite 18 S 5 Manual (Anyone Please have one)

    Here you go... http://www.altsawsandspares.co.uk/S1%20&%20S5%20Handbook%204E%20WM.pdf
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    Bluetooth Earbuds

    If you can be parted from your current ear-defenders, these come highly recommended.. https://www.chelfordfarmsupplies.co.uk/stihl-dynamic-ear-protectors-with-bluetooth?utm_source=google_shopping I'm thinking about gettining some myself. My pal has some and reckons they're the dog's knob