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    Pen turning - Jaws for a Nova Scroll Chuck (Old style!)

    Hi all, i have a Nova Scroll Chuck, and looking for pen jaws to drill blanks. now there is the Nova 6034 that i believe fit, but wondering if there are any other makes that may fit this chuck? apparently all nova jaws fit all nova chucks, therefore any compatable with any nova chuck should...
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    what benchtop lathe for smaller items

    Hi All, I will be looking soon for a mini lathe as my workshop/outhouse is a bit too small for my Record Power #0 , even if i did shorten the bars. Also cant seem to get it perfectly aligned (probably the worksurface TBH). so looking for a small lathe, preferably one that will do pens, small...
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    wood turning blanks that can be delivered or for practice?

    thanks. Looked around at several places and bought a pack from 'english woods', had 10% discount so was about £39 for a box of 10 mixed blanks. just need to re-do my ellisworth grind to remove the convex and will take a look. next issue will be what finish! or may just stick with danish oil...
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    Newbie just joined.

    Check ebay and set to 'local to you', it may take a while but lathes generally are collection only (size and weight) so set yourself a budget and have email alerts. facebook marketplace as well may be useful. But dont forget that you will need a dust mask and a decent full face mask as well as...
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    thanks, interesting and gives something for me to have a google about if it will be of any use and if so how to resharpen.
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    it resembles a 'conventional grind' as someone mentioned elsewhere and seems to be used to get a cut where the tool needs to be at a higher angle. Buggered if i can work out how to replicate as this one is wrong, but will youtube today and see if i can find a reasonable demo to try and...
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    Wiring a emergency stop.

    All wired up (should the lights flicker when I press it?? Joke!), mounted next to the lathe screwed to the worktop. Works perfectly, it is a latched stop so works with my old non-nvr lathe and a lot nicer to use than trying to use the original switch when needing to switch the lathe off...
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    Just won a Record Power Model 0 - what now!

    No sorry, no instructions, but it is quite simple once you see it.
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    Pics of the tool Hi all, reviving my wood turning again and after much deliberation i cannot find what this tool/grind is for, it is either a bowl or spindal gouge but the angle seems really wrong as it is swept forward almost. I had another gouge (spindle as quite narrow compared to his) that...
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    wood turning blanks that can be delivered or for practice?

    many thanks all, much appreciated, will take a look around the reccomendations .
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    wood turning blanks that can be delivered or for practice?

    hi all, need to get back into the woodturning, been a while and not really had any decent wood to practice with either. so do you know of anywhere that is reccomended that sells blanks that can be delivered (North west uk)? ideally nothing special or exotic as need to get my hand back in, so...
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    Wiring a emergency stop.

    It looks like from the picture that it may latch but will check, as no point otherwise, and as you said without a NVR it will be useless.
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    Wiring a emergency stop.

    The lathe doesnt have an NVR so will be looking to get one fitted (Record power lathe, model 0?) as just has a standard on/off switch, its my scrollsaw that has one. the switch/stop is just so i can get the power disconnected quickly, it isnt intended to be used as a on/off switch for regular...
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    Wiring a emergency stop.

    the button is just to cut power when pressed, the lathe does have a NVR (i think it does anyhow, will check in a tic). i will double check all wires/etc and so if the button has both sets, so NO and NC then only the live should go via the NC, so when it is pressed it opens the circuit and...
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    Rookie first lathe

    check ebay and facebook for collextion only as most used wont post (would cost ££'s), it may take a while but sometime one will crop up in your pricerange with tools and other odds (like with me). also dont forget things like dustmask, facemask (a fullface from screwfix is cheap and better than...