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    Holdfast - what have you got?

    I have the Sjoberg ST03, which are great and very economical at 40 quid for a pair. Easy to use, solid and no hammering involved.
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    Best vintage Chisels

    There's a lot of bevel for lathe use, but some sort of scraper seems reasonable. Either way, I'll keep it as it is, it's a lot of work to re-grind it, and as you say John not much left afterwards! It's a good age, just think of the hands it's been through in a century and a half (ish).
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    mystery tools

    thanks to you both The trammel arm should be easy enough to make, should I ever feel the need now I know what it's for! Bearing scraper, not my thing (I had to look it up) so if anybody wants it, let me know.
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    mystery tools

    hi all, I just bought a few things in a job lot at auction...any ideas please what these two might be for? There are no maker's marks etc. The short thing is clearly designed to go into a brace, but has no cutting flutes, it's just a sharp point. The knurled nut holds a kind of U-shaped...
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    Best vintage Chisels

    I acquired a bunch of assorted chisels in an auction lot this week, for 7 quid all up. Readable brands are Ward, Stormont, Robert Sorby and something that could be Grades or Brades (ideas welcome). All the handles are in a shocking state though so I have some work to do. My favourite one...
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    Shaping beer can aluminum

    happy to be of service :)
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    Shaping beer can aluminum

    How about the ally parts of tealight candles? These are very flexible.
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    Recommend a 3D printer for c£400

    My son has both an Ender 3 (xyz type) and an Anycubic Kossel (delta type). Both have pros and cons and have been much upgraded. As others have said, don't expect them to work fine straight away and they will need a lot of fettling to get good quality prints. Dust ports is one thing but if you...
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    Tung oil, skinning in the can

    thanks for the gas-related suggestions - I will investigate where to get such from economically - the wine-preserver type seems expensive so may try argon for welders, which seems way cheaper.
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    Tung oil, skinning in the can

    I've tried that with paint in the past, but unless the skin is very thick it's not strong enough to hold the weight of the fluid when it's tipped back upright. You end up with layers of skin and paint/oil marbled through like a Viennetta. I'm leaning towards transferring to successively smaller...
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    Tung oil, skinning in the can

    Hi all, I use tung oil quite a bit so understand it's a drying oil. When the tin gets half empty there's enough air in it to skin it over, even with the top screwed on. Is there a prevention tip, or do I just need to use it faster?!
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    Cordless lawnmowers, anyone had one?

    same for me with the Karcher - it's light and easy to use but don't let the grass get too long and don't cut it when damp, as it stalls the mower.
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    Screwfix customer service

    Although you do need to watch SF's returns policy. I recently had to argue quite hard for an exchange on a faulty cordless drill outside the initial 30-day period but inside the one-year guarantee. The store manager tried to insist it was sent away for repair, but I pushed the point because they...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That's really lovely. I dabble with making boards and coasters too but have decided end-grain is too much work. There's a FB group for them and there is some real artistry going on.
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    Sorry, another wood ID thread.

    This was stained with Jacobean Old Oak or some such dark brown colour. Silky smooth if it planes well, like the surface of the moon if it doesn't.