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    Clarke biscuit jointer

    Clarke biscuit jointer in great condition, the blade is still razor sharp, not much use at all. Selling as I'm having a clear out and I don't see me using it for the foreseeable future. £50 collected from Denaby, Doncaster DN12 4. Will post at the buyers cost but I can come to arrangement for...
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    Kitchen worktops

    Osmo Poly-x applied with a lint free cloth is something to beholder, once is cured its awesome stuff. After trying the none abrasive pad method on solid oak, it didn't finish how I wanted it, one call to OSMO technical and they said apply it with a lint free cloth... Completely transformed the...
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    Osmo Poly-x raw oil and oak veneers.

    More on veneered stringers and so on. Too late now anyways, gone and put the first coat on :D
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    Osmo Poly-x raw oil and oak veneers.

    Has anyone on here had any issues with applying Osmo Poly-x Raw oil onto oak veneers, as in delamination? I don't to apply to find down the line it delaminates the veneer.
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    If I ad an ammer

    I must admit, I love to pick up a hammer or two from the auto jumbles. There's just something for me about an old hammer which modern hammers don't have.
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    Router bit porn.

    Why's that?
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    DWS 745 Cordless Table Saw has only one mitre slot?

    I'd presume because it's a site saw with a small area top. Why do you need a slot on the right side?
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    OSMO application technique

    Cromwells sell the none abrasive pads, I bought 4 for around £9, expensive but other than this oak staircase I'm building, I don't see when I'll be applying 3044 raw again.
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    10% off new items from ebay

    Yes and I bought my dewalt site saw at the time! Banging deal.
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    Oak newel post to Oak handrail, which glue?

    Righto I'm about to fit my oak newel posts and handrails using loose oak tenons but I'm unsure which glue to use. I'll be taking my time cutting the joint so hopefully no gaps, I'm also thinking of cutting the underneath out on the handrails to slide them in from above with the bottom post...
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    Adding a table saw to my track saw setup; DeWalt?

    I've also got the 745 and find it brilliant for thin stock cuts and repeated cuts, I wouldn't be without it now. I've also got a Festool TS55 track saw and that's brilliant for breaking down large sheet goods but it comes into its own for very accurate 90°cuts using an mft top and bench dogs...
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    Shaker style MDF doors

    After using Peter Millard technique on making shaker style doors with loose tenon joints, I certainly know how I'll make these doors in the future and that's with this method, very simple yet very strong. Here's some pictures of the door I've made to go on the under stairs storage including...
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    Early Christmas present from me to me.

    Absolute bargain!!!
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    new workshop

    I would build it as big as possible, you can never have too much space. If money isn't an issue then it would be double skin brick and insulation with access to the roof space for storage. If you are having a large compressor then have that housed in a separate insulated box on the side of the...
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    Plunge/track saw and rails - which one?

    I've had the titan plunge saw and replaced it with a second hand (almost brand new condition) Festool TS55. The difference is literally night and day, the Titan feels rough and low quality once you use a Festool, you understand the price difference once you've held the TS55. The way it glides is...