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By Jackanory
Hello all,

I'm new to the forum but your threads and posts are a great resource and I'm hoping you can help me out.

My dad's hand-me-down Delta table saw has finally bitten the dust (after well over 20 years) and so I'm now looking for a replacement, I know someone posted on this a few days ago but I think I'm looking for something different and so after some advice, especially as "local" stores seem to be selling only online at present so I can't easily see the saws first hand.

I'm just a home woodworker, do a bit of everything but mainly cabinetry. I was saving for a bandsaw but then got gifted an old Record RSBS14 last year so I now have a reasonable budget for a table saw but I'm a bit lost by the huge differences in price and how helpful sliding beams/tables are (have just used a cross cut sled in the past).
I use the table saw more than any other tool (still not got the knack of resawing on the bandsaw) and I've used my table saw to cut rebates for dovetails etc which I really like, but I can't find riving knives on new machines that look like they allow this, (so I assume I might have to do this a different way) but a machine that allows it would be ace!
My previous rip fence was terrible but I got used to it, there now seems to be a huge range of designs, some with a micro adjust feature for accuracy rather than just "tapping it" into place.

I looked at axminster but other than the AC216 I can't see any that run on single phase power, so then I looked at Record' TS250, but the price difference is huge, is it worth it? I know of Jet as a make but never owned anything by them and I've found another make Baileigh who make an entry level cabinet saw that's similarly priced to the Record, looks to be built like a tank and with a nice rip fence, has anyone got one?
I don't mind spending a lot on one as long as it's built to last and it will give repeatable, perfectly square cuts, but I'm at a loss as to where to begin?
Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated!
By sunnybob
The baileigh appears to be american only. have you found a UK supplier?
Jet is also american, a very old and respected company that axminster used to sell in the UK, but no longer.
By Jackanory
Hi SunnyBob,

Baileigh appear to have a (new?) distributor in the UK in Rugby (near Coventry) in the West Midlands which is miles from me but close to my parents so could make the journey if needed, they seem to stock Jet and Baileigh, so assume they're mainly supplying US products, certainly all looks familiar from US youtube videos.

The website is baileigh industrial
By sunnybob
Weird, everything I can find on that company is metal working machines.

Cant make any recommendations as I've never heard of them before.

Jet has a solid reputation, I have their thicknesser and their wet sharpening system, very solidly built.
Axminster and record are pretty much the most common makes (I have an axminster bandsaw, a record bobbin sander, both acceptable after some fettling)), with plus and minuses for each, so its really a case of you choose.
By Jackanory
I spoke to the company this morning and they and Jet are now owned by the same company (JPW Industires I think they said) so they are going to stream line their stock a little to reduce duplicate machines, but for me their UK website has two tabs on the right of their logo, one for metalwork and one for woodwork and their woodworking range is huge. Sadly most of the Baileigh equipment is out of stock as they've been taking orders but the factories have only just started to re-open, with a wait time of up to 20 weeks!

Anyway they're sending me through their stock list of Jet saws so I'll have a good look at them and see what I can find to choose between them, Axminster and Recors.

Thanks again
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By transatlantic
Might be easier to just post a link : ... table-saws

It's all very 'American-y' ... all the specifications in imperial and the voltage as 110v/220v?, but looks like good stuff.
By Distinterior
Wasn't there a member on here recently that was in the process of refurbishing a Baileigh table saw...? He had posted a load of work in progress pictures etc if my memory serves me.... Painted it Black I think.

Edit. Oops,.....Just found his thread, but it was a Harvey table saw, not a Baileigh. Look very similar though.
By Jackanory
transatlantic wrote:Might be easier to just post a link : ... table-saws

It's all very 'American-y' ... all the specifications in imperial and the voltage as 110v/220v?, but looks like good stuff.

I was trying to but it wouldn't let me, but I'm new to the forum so maybe I was just trying to do it in the wrong way! But thanks for doing it for me, hopefully others can find it now too!
By Jackanory
Peptidoglycan wrote:They don't have prices listed on the Baileigh website. What are they asking for their entry cabinet saw?

When I was on the phone they mentioned the 20 week wait so I stopped listening as well as I should have but I've scribbled £1,400 next to the entry level and £2,200 next to the riving knife saw, but not sure it those are inclusive or exclusive of VAT