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By sunnybob
While waiting for my new Freud saw blade, the missus said that idle hands make the devils work, so she got me to extend our pergola.

Rather than spend hours resizing all the pics for this site, heres a daily blog. ... rgola_extn
By memzey
Nicely done Bob. Hope you and Pauline can tear yourselves away from it long enough to meet us at the EMU beach bar again this year.
By sunnybob
memsey, we got the full tribe this year, I think its going to be a season ticket bulk buy.

And this year I'm going to try not to be pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. The cop was outraged, how dare I travel at 60 in a 50 zone? This is Kilometres mind. I was travelling at 37.28mph on a MAIN road that has no side turnings, schools or even houses on it! The 50 translates to 31mph.
Tell me that isnt police benovelent funding.

Get there early enough and you can come back and see the pergola in the flesh, its only a half hour away, even if I obey ALL the stupid limits.
By sunnybob
ta for the comments, keep checking in, that project is not over yet, she keeps adding to it.

limersol... errr I think you mean Limassol? (hammer) =D>

Nope. 100 kms east of that city. Thats far too busy for me. 8) :D
By novocaine
Pergola, isn't that where you start the journey to hell?

ta for the comments, keep checking in, that project is not over yet, she keeps adding to it.

Ah yes, it appears I'm right.


thanks for the pictures, your legs and cross over joint have just resonated with me as a design approach I hadn't thought about for a small pergola over our lower decking (sounds grand, it isn't) to train the fruit trees over (still sounds grand, it still isn't), I was trying to come up with a way to use something other than 4" square, now I've got the perfect solution, so thanks for that.
By sunnybob
Does that mean you have an "upper decking" as well as a "lower decking"?
Or just that your decking is lower?
Than what?

I think I invented that joint, it came out of necessity because I cant make proper joints in small pieces, let alone large bits.
By novocaine
We have an upper deck which is accessed via the conservatory and a lower deck at the farthest area of the lawn.
about 15ft between them and by lawn I mean the lumpy grass covered bit of ground the kids play on.

looking good chief, get some walls on it and your set for a workshop extension. :)