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By hunggaur
REDUCED Axminister planer thicknesseser aw106pt


The unit has 3 250mm blades and will thickness 250mm wide by 180mm thick lumber it is complete with

1) a spare set of resharpen-able blades

2) 2 push blocks for the joiner table

3) Blade Setting tool

4) Manual

You are welcome to see it working if required

to buy this lot new would cost over a £1000.00

any questions please drop me a line

I also have the blade sharpening attachment for a tormac which i will sell at the same time for 50.00 if wanted
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By hunggaur
Hi collection is from dy138nb and I am in all day everyday. You are welcome to come and see it working just drop me a private message and I will send you my contact details to arrange time and day

Cheers Jon