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By GrahamIreland
Hello, I've been asked to do a bed frame, and side box/steps for a teenagers bedroom on a liveaboard widebeam boat. Theses boats are pretty much dry all year round, slight condo station in winter.
Anyway, I was thinking solid ply of some kind would do for framing in this bed which sits over cupboards, and ply for the steps up the side. I'd make a wooden structure for the bed.

But I came across Norbord caberwood on a suppliers website, is this stuff strong?
It would prob take paint better than a hardwood ply?

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By GrahamIreland
There are also a set of boxes/steps down into the boat which she would like me to make. So something solid would be needed here.

I had a wisa form board which is 18mm and has a skin on it which I thought would be suitable but I need to source more somewhere at a reasonable price. They are £124 a sheet on EBay.
If anyone knows a good supplier in Nottingham area please let me know.

Other option is to do an 18mm hardwood ply and add a laminate wood stick on for these steps,
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By pulleyt
GrahamIreland wrote:If anyone knows a good supplier in Nottingham area please let me know.

I've found Gibbs & Dandy to be a competitive supplier of sheet materials in Nottingham and have bought all my birch ply and MRMDF sheets from there.