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By Claymore
Just noticed a nice Hegner scroll saw in the forums for sale section, looks cheap and good condition

Hope it was ok posting this in this sections Mods if not please delete and give me a slap :oops:
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By scrimper
Actually that is a bargain for someone wanting a top quality machine at a fraction of the new price.
It also has the quick release blade clamp and quick tension lever, two essentials for serious fretwork.

The foot-switch itself costs £80 from Hegner!
Agreed, but IMO, Hegners, lovely though they undoubtedly are, are WAAAAY over priced - the spares too/even more so.

Hence (I guess) Claymore's post somewhere above that the new member NeverGiveUp look at the Axi Hegner clone (or my suggestion that he look at Axi Excali clones).