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By gaz44uk
Thanks for the reply looks about right just a few questions. I see you get a tool kit with it do they just clip on or will I need to buy I think they called couplings or buy anything els or is it ready to go out of the box ? how longish does it run before it kicks in to start fulling back up ? and how hard and long is it before you have to change the oil ? Thanks Gaz.
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By El Barto
It's ready to go out the box which is very handy. I bought a 20 metre hose off Amazon for £13 I think. That's fitted to one of the outlets for using outside the workshop and the coiled 5 metre hose that comes with the compressor is what I use in the workshop.

I can't really answer your question accurately about it filling back up after running. For example, I can use the air gun to clear out dust and gunk all day before the compressor needs to top back up. But using the tyre inflator it'll kick back in much more quickly. So it really depends on your application.

I'm also not sure about the oil. The instructions are good and fairly comprehensive though so I'm sure they say something about it.
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By MrTeroo
Aldi often sell a similar one for around £80. Bought mine ten years ago and it's still going strong .

They also sell a hose reel for £20 that is worth getting. Should be on sale again sometime.