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By JR147
Solid oak butcher block kitchen worktop measuring 1400 x 624 x 38mm.

This was the off cut from a new kitchen worktop a few years ago and I've been using it as desk for the last few years. Has a few small holes in back where some legs and a cable tray have been screwed in.

A new home office setup means this is no longer needed so free to anyone who wants it. It is very solid so could be used as the top for a workbench or similar.


Worktop 2.JPG

Worktop 1.JPG
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By rafezetter
I was offered one of these not long ago for a similar purpose that had also been used as a desk with legs at just the corners so I have to ask - is yours flat? (the other one had a bow of more than an inch).
By JR147
It has a slight cup of a couple of mill across the width, but nothing a bit of planing wouldn't cure. Certainly nothing like an inch!