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By gilljc
I do a lot of scrolling, and create a lot of dust. I treated myself to a triton dust collector, which fits my shed, just, and my pocket, but have found it to be almost useless as the filter clogs up VERY quickly. I've tried bodging up a quick directional extension to the dust inlet to try to direct it all away from the suction inlet, but it doesn't help. Is it just the case that all dust collectors are really only designed to be chip collectors? Any advice anyone?
Thanks in advance
I haven't got the Triton, just a cheapo Aldi fireplace dust vacuum. But 2 things help:

1. Out of the sleeve of an old T shirt, my wife made a "cylinder" with an elasticated top which fits snugly over the filter. This gets clogged (of course) but when emptying the vac it's easy to pull off the "cylinder" and bang it into the bin (outside the shop of course). MUCH easier than cleaning the filter, which barely gets any dust now.


2. Rig up a conical "centrifugal" dust extractor which shoves most (not all) of the bigger dust into a container separate to that of the vacuum cleaner. There are several threads here, most particularly the sticky at the top of the General Woodworking section (I'll add the link in a mo).


Edit for P.S. Here it is:


Sorry, it's in "Tools" not "General Woodworking" like I thought.
By gilljc
Thanks for your reply, I suspect a cyclone thingy is the answer, sadly I just don't have any space left, one day I'll get a bigger shed...
Yup, a cyclone thingy is a good answer. AND they can be mounted on a "mobile stand" above or beside a vac. Lots of ideas for designs on Youtube.

But the T shirt sleeve "cylinder" does also help a bit - easier to clean than the filter on my cheapo vac anyway.