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By HantsRob
Hi folks, I'm new to the forum. I've recently inherited quite some workshop tools, the metalworking stuff I'm probably keeping as I'm somewhat experienced in that field, though the woodworking tools are unfortunately wasted on myself.

I'm looking to move them on to somewhere where they'll be appreciated and used, though I'm unsure as to what they're worth.

Below are some photos of a Coronet (Sovereign?) planer/thicknesser with attachments & spare blades. This was purchased new sometime in the very late 80's/very early 90's and has seen only 5-10hours use :shock:. It was purchased and used for a week whilst building a workshop and has been protected and dry stored since.

The blade width is 4.5" - 115mm, table length 57cm

Any idea as to what it's realistically worth ?




Oh, and there's this, A Ryobi R-500 industrial router, again with around 5 hours of use. Comes with 4 collets, etc as shown. Again, wasted on myself :(



All advice appreciated, many thanks
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By Rob_H
No photos - the spam catcher does this if you've less than three posts I think it is. No doubt they will show up soon
By HantsRob
Ah ha, thanks for that!... I thought I'd just broken some golden rule! :D
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By 9fingers
I suspect the Coronet P/T will not be that appealing to most woodies. Although solid it has a rather short bed. There are a multitude of small machines like this for very little money but will be more attractive through being new and with a warranty. It looks like the thicknesser does not have powered feed. Most modern machines do.
Check out the competition at Axminster.

The router does not appear to be current although accessories like collets are still being sold for it. Ryobi have models either side of its 1500W (2HP rating) and based on that alone, about £80 new would be a pro rata buy it now Ebay price. Second hand, although very lightly used, you might expect £50?

If you are obliged to get as much as you can for them (executors sale) then putting them into a real auction (not ebay) will at least absolve you of any blame for selling them cheap. Prices can go silly at auction and the Coronet might do well but beware of sellers fees and vat.

If you feel it is more important that they go to a good home with an enthusiast, then why not ask for offers here? Many here are stuck with small workshops and the P/T might be just right for size where a larger one would not fit in.

Good luck

By HantsRob
Hi, thanks for the reply.

They are now owned by me though I'm not going to get any real use out of them, indeed offering them for sale here is a good idea.
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By richburrow
I have the same planner and it a very useful little tool. Excellent tool for small work and very easy to adjust
By dickm
richburrow wrote:I have the same planner and it a very useful little tool. Excellent tool for small work and very easy to adjust

Hmm. Agree up to a point, they were certainly beautifully made. BUT the hand-fed thicknesser is a total pain. Even if you keep the bed and thickness plate really well waxed, you can find yourself pushing the whole planer round the workshop rather than the timber sliding through :(
I had one for several years, and finally ditched it in favour of a Chaiwanese thing that, however badly made, did at least feed the timber.
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By Blister
Hantsrob ??

What is happening with the Coronet planer/thicknesser ?

Is it still for sale

Sent you a PM 2 days ago , no reply ?

By HantsRob
Sorry, I've been snowed under.. PM sent.