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By PlacidCasual

I have designed a slot and tab arrangement set of shelves for my study as a practice job for some other future CNC projects I'm considering.

I have received a quote of £420 ex VAT.
The project consists of 4 uprights, 4 shelves and 1 big shelf and requires 3 off 8' by 4' 24mm thick sheets of ply to make and they are quoting for BB grade ply as they are having difficulty getting anything of a higher grade.

I obviously have the option of going out to other companies to quote but locally (South Wales) it's been like pulling teeth to get anyone interested.

What do people think of the cost, does it sound fair?

Update: it splits as £62 ex VAT supply per sheet and £78 ex VAT machining per sheet.
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By porker
Most of the cost will be setup which is the most time consuming part of CNC. That's probably why it's difficult to get interest as a lot won't want to do one-offs. If you wanted to make a run of them then I would expect the unit price to reduce considerably although obviously the material cost will increase.
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By Chrispy
It's always worth getting another quote, yours to me sounds about right but other people look at jobs differently and quote will reflect that. Try asking company's that are looking for work ie advertising.
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By nev
Where in South Wales are you?
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By nev
Try Sign and Print in Ystalyvera near Swansea. Primarily sign makers but they also CNC ply for other projects. They have customers all over south Wales so delivery shouldn't be an issue.
I have no idea on prices but probably worth a phone call.
Ask for Rob or Matthew.
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By nev
Signandprintsystems wrote:PlacidCasual

Seems I cant reply to your message 01639843843 txt me your email. Thanks

You need at least three posts to send PM's, so an OK to this and you should be good to go.
By Adam9453
Have you produced the cad files for what you are looking to be machined. You might get a better price if you supply dxf files ready for them to upload to the cnc. It would reduce the setup time, which as others have already said, on a one off project is most of the labour cost.