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By marcros
I have has a few blank packs from home of wood. I think that they are good value
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By Dalboy
transatlantic wrote:Is something like this good value? ... 74159.aspx

Is there a good place to go to, to buy a mixed selection of blanks? (online)

Paul always seems to have some great offers on if you go to many wood turning suppliers and check their prices his are very competitive.

Buying from places like e bay be careful as you do not know the moisture content and once you get them if it is quite high can cause the blanks to split
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By mayo.mick
I've bought a couple of packs of bowl blanks from them in the last six months and found them great. Delivered here to the west of Ireland quite reasonably! Would recommend them. Very handy for me as I've a small workshop (living in the middle of town) and don't have room to mill my own timber. Handy to get them this way and not too expensive to deliver a 25Kg sack.

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By marcros
1 tip. HOW also list on eBay, and you often get discount vouchers from eBay. So the last couple of bags I have got had 20% off.
By TopCat 32
i use them, im lucky enough to live close by, so can go and pick out what i want, always seems good quality and value for money, i recommend them