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By lurker
Don't all get too excited!! :D

I found among my father in laws stuff a (just) post war Belgium banknote.
It was put in a pile of papers to burn and I spotted it at the last moment.
Anyone collect such things?

edit: dated 04.11.44

Just looked on e bay
apparently they go up to £240: that's for one described as EF which I guess means extra fine.

I would describe mine as EG (extra grotty).
My offer stands however.
By whatknot
Nothing at all to do with your banknote (nice offer by the way) but it reminded me of a similar occasion in our family

When the family home was up for sale in the 1970s and stuff accumulated for donkeys years was being cleared out, many a bonfire was had

At one such bonfire a load of old paper and bits of material were chucked on, a small scrunched up piece of cloth rolled off, my sister picked it up and just opened it out, to find a sampler stitched by our great grandmother, finished in 1870 aged ten

It hung in my sisters house for years, sadly she died in 2016, I suspect it was sold off with the contents of her home :-(