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28 Dec 2019
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Hi is there any after market piece of kit to extend the length of the table saw arbour so a wobble dado blade can be used?
As far as I’m aware, No.

Probably for good reason too, unless done properly a shaft extension could come loose with a 2KG load (wobble saw)on it and cause serious damage to the machine and probably the operator.

The best course of action would be a complete new arbour which is longer than original, but having this done professionally would cost a fair bit, may be worth it on a decent saw but not so much on a Chinese hobby grade machine.
There are wide kerf blades that will fit most saws . Usually 1/4'' . Taking a few passes for wider cuts.
I have a dado stack but find unless there are a lot of same size trenches to be done on a project then the faffing around setting things up is hardly worth the effort.
Don't go near a wobble blade unless you like hospital food. I have seen them mentioned in very old woodworking books but there is fortunately nobody selling the washer sets these days.
Hi I've got the blade thanks but the arbour isn't long enough on my saw I work in a machine shop and I am currently making an extension arbour
I’m sure you’re well aware if you work in a machine shop but I must stress that you make sure that the extension is well fixed and threaded opposite to the rotation the on the tightening nut, the last thing I want to hear on the news is that someone took their face off after a wobble saw came loose during startup on account of the weight of the block not wanting to spin or after cutting force was applied which would undo a nut that was threaded the same direction as the rotation.

It’s very simple but very easy and dangerous to overlook.
Neoneza are you making a whole new arbor or does your saw have different stub arbors that fit the main arbor, kind of like a milling machine tool holder? I have an older saw that has the latter.

Am I right in thinking you're making the extension in a machine shop but using it at home not in the shop? I think if used in a commercial shop it would be frowned upon and in the event of an accident the powers that be would come down like a ton of bricks.

Perhaps I'm wrong about that as I don't know too much about them and personally have absolutely no desire to use one, there are other ways to achieve similar results.
If the op is making a new adaptor then I would suggest that it be designed to take a full dado set. Wobble blades are a bit of a bodge and do not cut a flat bottomed dado. The wider the dado, worse the problem becomes and can lead to a weak joint.
Set up is more awkward to as the distance from the edge of the dado cannot be directly read from the fence setting.