Which Festool extractor


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5 Oct 2014
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Sunny Glasgow
Im thinking of buying one. Basically for the mitre saw etc, so it doesnt need to be the largest. And forget the L v M as theres no real difference.

CT, CTL. 15, 25 what ?
For me the CTL MIDI does the job
And buy the remote
Worth buying a reusable bag with a zip from ebay too
If its main use is going to be on your mitre saw, then the Midi would also get my vote.
I regularly use a Mk1 Midi fitted with a 1600mm long x 36mm dia hose on my Kapex and it works a treat.👍
I also have the CTL MIDI, mainly used for mitre saw but also use it for power tools too oh and for my cnc.

With the addition of a remote attached to the end of the hose it works great.
Compact aside, the bigger ones have the same motor as the smaller ones, so bigger only means the convenience of not emptying it so often.
I'd pick for features :
Built in power tool socket for autostart would be handy with a mitre saw.
Bluetooth remote would be nice for anything else - I use a homemade remote all the time with my vac.
Variable speed is a good if you want to use it with sanders to stop it sucking down onto the work
And auto clean helps keep the suction up if you don't intend to buy filter bags :
Midi if it needs to go in the van every day, otherwise a 26 with an Oneida ultimate dust deputy on it (hardly ever needs a new bag).
Last night I brought a midi used and shipped for £150 off ebay. I've broken one for more than that! This one's got the fancy hose to. In the past I just used new disposable bags as it wasn't really expensive and kept the machine spotless inside. But as mentioned in another post festool lifelong bags are really durable but let dust into the gubbins so the filters need cleaning.

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