Which brand of air nailer?


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3 Apr 2016
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Hi all,
After many years of service my old stanley Brad air nailer has finally gone to the workshop in the sky.
I m after two or three new ones so I don't have to change fixings as often.
Something to fire pains 18 mm to about 50.
Something to use on beadings/decorative stuff.
And a stapler for fixing backs on units.
Axminster do a nice looking range that does not brake the bank.
Screwfix do some lovely dewalt ones. Good brand but twice the price of axminster.
Your opinions please.
When in the States I only used Bostich.....getting back to the UK had to make do with a Senco.....
what a load of rubbish.....they had it back for more time than me under warranty...they still couldn't fix it.....

now own 3 air nailers/stapelers from Lidil.....very good machines, no trouble and cheap enough if it goes wrong just to bin it.....
be lost with out them now.....
Not too up on air nailers, but have 2 Bostich ones for 7 years and they have never missed a beat.
I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along and help.
Have a look at some of @petermillard 's posts as he has a few reviews of the silverline ones; I heartily recommend them as well. Truly excellent bits of kit for the price.
Got a cheap silverline 18g one, from machine mart or screwfix maybe.
Works well. They are a fairly basic thing really, not sure it's worth a premium price.
I think most brands are very similar just painted a different colour.

I don't think that ones really worth a darn. It's on youtube and it isn't as powerful as you would probably want. Certainly it couldn't fire pins through a 12mm molding into the substrate without sitting well proud.
I'm using the Rapesco 191 el pro, which costs about £120, so what is a £17.99 nailer going to do , cheap is cheap.
If you want a good pinner(OP is looking for an air pinner) Maestri ME53 professional is a good bet, and maestri also do an electric headless veneer pinner, and there's not many electrical headless veneer pinners out there, most are air.
Just be weary of the cheap ones if they don’t have a trigger lock when the cartridge is empty of nails, I had a cheap 18 gauge nailer which was excellent didn’t miss a beat for 12 months until I pulled the trigger without any nails in it & it basically self destructed.
I like my Ryobi One + battery one (especially after they replaced it v quickly under the 3 year warranty) but only goes up to about 32mm.
I have a couple of the Silverline air nailers, a 16g from 2012 that hasn’t missed a beat, and a more recent 18g that also seems to be working out well. They’re basic and cheaply constructed as you might expect from a sub £30 nailer, but do the job just fine;18g will cover the size of nails you’re looking at, but it’s down to the individual nailer as to what range of sizes it takes, so check the specs if eg 50mm is important.

I’ve no experience of the Axminster range, but I’d expect them to be decent for the money, with service/backup to match. All my narrow crown staplers have been electric, either mains (Maestri) or cordless (Ryobi); if it’s just for fixing thin backs on cabinets then I don’t see why the Lidl one wouldn’t work OK, and at ~£20 it’s probably worth a punt, just as a stapler.

As always you match your budget with your needs and usage. I’m happy using cheap nailers because I only use them occasionally; if you’re expecting to use them daily then it’s probably worth spending more to get something that’s nicer to use. HTH P
I bough the Makita AF506 air nailer as I couldnt find my silverline nailer after a move. Now, there may have been nothing inherently wrong with the Silverline, but the Makita is just chalk and cheese. Far smoother, more accurate with a finer tip, depth control is superb and has a natty air blower built in to blow cr*p away instead of changing out for a blow nozzle occasionally. I've now found the Silverline, but I'll never use it again. Hardly worth the postage sending it to any one though.
I have the Dewalt DPN1664 PP-XJ 16 gauge nail gun and a Senco S200BN Pneumatic 18 gauge brad nailer and both work fine with plenty of power to drive into hardwoods.
I have the Dewalt DPN1664 PP-XJ 16 gauge nail gun and a Senco S200BN Pneumatic 18 gauge brad nailer and both work fine with plenty of power to drive into hardwoods.
The Dewalt second fix 16g is great for heavier work, I’m using it to fix the match board in the new summerhouse build, but the 18g Mikita is a super workshop nailer, I ditched the clumsy 18g battery one in favour of air a while ago. This Mikita fires up to 50mm brads but generall gets used in the 15-32mm range for workshop based carcass work.
I also have had a Makita AF506 18g nailer for 6 months, had no issues and its fantastic and available for circa £75
Another vote for the Makita AF506 - purchased after looking at lots of reviews. It's my first air nailer so I can't make real-world comparisons to others but it's very well put together, fits nicely in the hand, the depth control works as it should and it has no problem sinking 50mm 18g brads into solid oak so it it's powerful enough for anything I'm ever going to do with it. Also has a 3-year warranty if registered online with Makita within 30 days of purchase.

Next spring/summer I'm going to be revamping the back garden and will be doing a fair amount of fencing so, on the back of the performance of the AF506, I'm looking at buying the Makita AN613 coil nailer.