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Ian Dalziel

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13 May 2004
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I bought a Chrysler grand voyager a few months back and what a car this is. great for carrying loads amounts of timber and tools.
Had to go and get some 8X4 sheets today, tipped the seats forward and slide the sheets right in and shut the door. my old transit van wouldn't have done that.
Super carrying capacity for anyone contemplating one but get the diesel version as the petrol version can sook juice. 100" to the back of the drivers seat x 50" between the wheel arches. Massive

Yes, the good ladies of Hampstead and Chelsea find these vehicles excellent for ferrying their children 800 yards to school.

Sorry, Ian...couldn't resist the opportunity to get on my soapbox. I'm looking for something similar :wink:
I wasnt expecting to be buying a new car but a rather large badger soon altered that fact :cry:

Unfortunately the voyager was out of my price range but I could aford a VW Touran.

Cant get a full 8 x 4 in it but as I havent got the ability to handle full sheets my self its not a worry However with the back seats down and the mid row flipped or removed altogether its capacious enough to sling in plenty of chopped up stuff straight from the yard.

Only problem SWMBO and myself actually argue over whos going to have the Touran, something Id never imagined Id do as generally I HATE DRIVING!! :lol:

My Audi will take a full sheet-as long as you cut it into smaller pieces!
Oh, and as long as Waka's latest purchases aren't in the boot! :shock:
Philly :D
What you got Tony? A3 sporty thing isn't it?
A6 Avant-plenty of room for the whole family, timber and sometimes Waka! :lol:
Philly :D
Audi??? jesh rich people in here then £££££££££££££££££££££
Well when I fold the seats down in my pride and joy I could get another car in there :D . Only joking but it dose have a huge boot, and it looks beautiful


Dont you think :D :D

Round here they tie 8 x 4's to the roofs of their Skodas, I saw one recently, on a windy day, get all four wheels of the road :shock: Very glad he wasn't comming towards me :roll:
hmmmmmm.... last I needed to I'd 12 sheets of 8x4 with room to spare...

last trip to the saw mill saw me taking back around 30 boards at up to 11ft, some over 2ft wide... again with room to spare..

gotta love a Landrover..

This thread came back to mind last night as I was surveying the wreck of my BMW after I had a near head on collision with an articulated truck - I may have to use the roof rack to carry 8x4' sheets, but I don't think I would have walked away from too many other cars with nothing more than a couple of bruises and scratches!

Les - happy to still be browsing the forum!
Philly":2qbyqwxl said:
What you got Tony? A3 sporty thing isn't it?
A6 Avant-plenty of room for the whole family, timber and sometimes Waka! :lol:
Philly :D

S3 - the new Audi Quattro :D More in common with the TT - but more emphasis on the sports side of sporty with uprated brakes, power, suspension, stiffened body, wider track ........ :lol: )

If £££s are a problem try the Citroen Multispace... it'll take an 8 x 4
(OK... some of sticks out the back but it's a small price to pay)
:!: under 8k a lotta wheels for the money...
Thanks for the support guys. I seem to have had no lasting effects, shoulders and neck are back to normal now, I have one more check u tommorw with the doc and then I should be in the clear.


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