Wenge is it African rosewood?


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Wenge is completely different visually.

African rosewood is one of those names that they use on a host of timbers, but though it is similar to true rosewood, its not the same and is missing the dark streaks commonly associated with rosewood.

I like Wenge. Its pretty striking. Just dont get a splinter or it will go septic in a matter of hours, so when working it mask/extraction are a must
I think that visually and to work with they are very different - Wenge seems more open grained whereas rosewoods tend to be a slightly more ‘creamy’ wood…

I recently made these knife scales from birds-eye wenge (apparently quite a rare variant - given to me by my timber importer brother in law)

When I hear African Rosewood I think of Bubinga. I’ve not heard Wenge referred to as a rosewood before

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