Walnut and Maple End Table


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4 Feb 2006
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Here is a project I finished today. It is a walnut and maple end table, made for a real, paying customer! :D


My brief was a complete carte blanche, apart from the fact it needed a drawer and a shelf. It spent quite a while in the design stage, and was redesigned several times before I thought it was right.



The legs extend trough the table top. I asked the question about expansion issues on the forum, and WiZer suggested that I leave a gap around the legs and make it a feature. I'm glad he did, because I think it worked very well. Thanks WiZeR. :wink:



The hardest part for me was the M&Ts for the rails. Because the legs are curved, the shoulder for the tenon also had to be. This was done with a template and router, but it took quite a while to get it right.


I experimented with a maple drawer pull, but in the end, I decided not to have one at all. So instead, I routed a finger groove in the underside. The drawers run on tandem blumotion runners. The big orange levers are the locking devices.


It is finished with Osmo PolyX, which was recommended by Rob (woodbloke), in another thread. I must say, it is excellent stuff. Highly reccomended.
That is a very nice looking table. I think I would have liked it even more if it had been taller in proportion to its width but I guess that might have been contrary to its intended purpose?

In any case, it's a super job. Is the joinery at the junction of the legs and apron rails curved - or have you made flat surfaces there?
wow, no really... WOW! :D

Very nice indeed, glad my suggestion paid off.
Wow! :shock: Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Chris - Yes, the rail-leg joinery is curved. It took a while to get right, but I'm glad I persevered.

Philly - Ofcourse, my Phillyplane was instrumental in the construction. :wink:
Great stuff - very attractive indeed. A job you can be proud of and great that its a proper commission.


Now that is a really nice piece of work! I love the contrasting timbers - and all very nicely thought out. Refreshingly different.