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17 Dec 2002
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Seaton, Torpoint, Cornwall
Some of you just may recall
Some odes that I had written
About wishes for a workbench
As I had long been smitten

I tried in vain to purchase
But alas appeared too poor
To buy a bench that was heavy enough
Not to skid around the floor

So then I tried my own design
And bought some cheap soft wood
But Ive never got beyond the legs
Things were not looking good

Then a smart and strong good looking bench
Just happened to appear
On E Bay just the other day
You can view it here:
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... RK:MEWN:IT

I sat and waited patiently
To bid and watch the fun
I placed my bid then to my joy
E Bay told me that I had won

So I’m a happy bunny now
Who’s full of smiles and laughter
And that bench and I , I testify,
Will live happily ever after!.
Looks like a beauty now all you have to do is start with a nice project to break it in :D .
GRRRrrrrrrr and sod it,

There are times in life when you want your first post to a group to be fun and enjoyable. Then along comes morrisminordriver and he steals my bench.. :oops: :cry: :cry: :twisted: :evil: I made all the bids to get to the reserve price, he only comes along with 2 minutes left to go and offers a measley £5 extra.. :shock: Not only that but he crows about it in public... :x :x :x Sorry but that is not a gloat its a crow whilst using a loud hailer( poetic maybe ). I must admit that if traffic and a meeting over run had not made me 30 seconds too late he would not have this bench to crow over. Ha and pipper it.

So OK lets be generous...looks as good as I expected and may you use with skill and get much pleasure from it. :D :D
Welcome to the forum, beech1948 :D (Hmm, can we shorten that to "beech" d'you think?)

Glad to see you're taking it so well :wink: I think I'd be pretty peeved at missing that bench if I'd been bidding too. Still, look at it this way - you still have the option of building your own and looking down at us lowly workbench purchasers :lol:

Cheers, Alf
What you say is true. There's little chance of a second good bench coming up on ebay or elsewhere. So I have to buy one of those ready made benches or build one.

My inclination is to build one. I know what style of bench I want but I would be concerned about trying to build my ultimate bench now.....not sure why. My style is getting to be more about hand tools than machinery....but not really there yet. After all got to use the Felder for something.

So what sort of bench do you all use, recommend or have constructed. Anyone care to pass on their knowledge.
Hi Beech,
Im sorry that you appear so unhappy that I "stole your bench". Over the past 2 years Ive been outbid on a number of benches on E Bay, along with other tools, and I know it is disappointing.
My intention was not to "crow" or gloat, simply to let the good people of UKW know that Ive finally acquired a good quality bench after a long time of trying.
Thank you for the kind words you ended your post with, I will most certainly endeavour to use the bench well.
Regards, MMD.
Dont listen to him beech he's gloooooaaaaaatin :twisted: . Nah tiz a bummer when you get pipped at the last moment . Still there must be a bench out there with your name on it :lol:
what's with the cheatin already..??...... sheesh.....

the ONLY way to get YOUR bench is to build the pipper yersel'. Order a ton of beech, some vise hardware and the Workbench Book by Scott Landis; there's plenty in there to wet even the most frugal appetite. Just remember... with a Felder behind you, there's no excuse for bad joinery...

pressure's on dude... welcome aboard...

I'm not really unhappy. You won in an appropriate manner. I guess there are times when frustration just boils over especially when I saw forum announcement. No ill feeling lingers at all. Use and enjoy. I bet you are like a child at Christmas with it.

Yup, I've decided to make my own bench. Designs going on apace as we speak. But I'm trying to get other views as to what other craftspersons ( very PC there) are using. So what do you use.? Got any pics.

The Felder is just a machine. The fact that its a WOW machine with spectacular pecision is my only justification.
beech1948":hgt5uqy2 said:
But I'm trying to get other views as to what other craftspersons ( very PC there) are using. So what do you use.? Got any pics.
Sounds like a fresh thread to me; don't want it getting lost in MMD's gloatin'... :)

Cheers, Alf

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