UK Magazines revisited

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Keith Smith

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1 Mar 2004
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Out in the sticks in rural Shropshire
I have just read the comments regarding UK magazines on an earlier thread.

Generally there is a dim view of the UK mags but you didn't really say what you want from a good woodworking mag.

I've got the editor of The woodworker coming to see me next week, so if you have any practical suggestions I would like to hear them and I will put them to him.

Also if you don't like the projects, write your own and submit them for publication they are always looking for good material.

Thank you for your invitation. Without wishing to sound totally crass and rude, I should like to know who you are and why you have the Ed. of this mag coming to see you
I have not exactly asked for your bank account details :?

However, my name is Keith Smith, I am a professional woodworker, if you require evidence, see The Woodworker March 2004 page 68.

The editor is coming to see some of my work and to photograph a project I have completed, which is to be included in the June issue.
Hi Keith

I missed this thread the first time around. It was only when reading your reference to it that I then took the time to find it.

KeithS":3bh6bbxe said:
I've got the editor of The woodworker coming to see me next week, so if you have any practical suggestions I would like to hear them and I will put them to him.

You've already got my idea about dust extraction and I would like to add some others.

I am very interested in why people have chosen a particular joint for a project. I would find the discussion of this very helpful.

Another topic that frightens the living daylights out of "newbies" is buying timber. Here's an idea for you. Why don't you write an article about buying timber for a project with someone new to woodworking.

I would, of course, like to put myself forward as the "newbie". :wink:

By the way, I loved the building with oak article. I had actually read it.


BTW N/Neil,

Looks like you have been forgotten........
I got mine last week.


What don't I like about UK Woodworking magazines????

1) They don't cover any real news in the industry. eg. Anyone seen anything written about what's happening with Kity or Record?

2) All the news articles covered seem to be more like adverts. eg. "ScrewFix have released their new catalogue"

3) With regard to (1) and (2) above, I guess it shows that the editorial department is too controlled by the advertising sales department. This leads me to not trust many tool reviews that are written.

4) Many of the "projects" are more basic than you'd expect of a 14 year old in the school workshop. I couldn't believe one magazine that devoted several pages to making a box to keep your sandpaper flat. Ok, so that example is a bit extreme but most of the projects are really aimed at the lesser skilled.

I guess it is difficult for editors to decide who they are aiming the publication for. Amateurs, serious amateurs or professionals. They all seem to hedge their bets and try to cover all 3 categories.

My best recommendation is for the editors to read Fine Woodworking - aimed at serious amateurs and professionals.
I think its always worth scanning a mag for adverts of machines before you read any reviews!

if you find an ad for a reviewed item, read the review with a pinch of salt


why would a company advertise in a mag that slates its product?

why would a mag slate a product if it means they will loose an ad (thus money??)

difficult one this...........
Bearing the latest comments in mind perhaps we should ask the Consumer Association ( They publish the 'Which' magazine) to start a 'Woodworking Which'.

After all they are supposed to be independent and tbf they have a gardening Which, a holiday Which, a health Which, and a computing which.

A Woodworking Which wood be a Chip off the old block :wink:
isn't that happening here on the forum users making comment good and bad on there tools and machinery ,for all those readers to peruse ,research ,review, and add feedback.
sharing info and experiences with others in an open forum can only stimulate or even enspire others to greater things.
i don't think we need a "woody which" to do that for us

Dave W
i don't think we need a "woody which" to do that for us

I have to disagree Dave W.

All the feedback on here regarding tools and stuff is very welcome but
we only touch the surface @ the moment regarding reviews and research ( as helpful as that is).

Judging by many comments a 'Woody' which is something we do need and I think would be very welcome. Its the independent aspect which I feel is so important.

May also bring a little more competition into UK tool suppliers.

The more info the better is my view and from an independent source wouldd be more than welcome.

To that end I have emailed 'Which' to see whether they may consider it.[/quote]
i understand where your coming from, and was not meaning to be derogatory ,its just bye the very nature of this forum ,comments on the pros and cons of an item or piece of kit tends to have many folk add there own input both constructive and negatives to the benfit of any readers.
a view of the tool polls gives clues to any would be purchaser as to which kit might, or maynot be suitable for them.
like any would be user of the "which" format of product reviews ,the information is there for the purchaser to evaluate and use to their advantage.

Dave W
Totally agree dave with your last post.

All the info on here is very welcome.

I don't think its an either/or situation though

A woody which is just another way to bring more of that to our elbows.

Got to be a good thing :)
While forum users views are interesting it is only when something is drastically wrong with a piece of equipment that we would write about it. Few of us have the opportunity of comparing different bits of kit in order to give an objective view.If something works we tend to think it is fine,i.e the rat versus Liegh argument,how many have used both and decided which one is better.I think usually it is the one we have that we consider is the best.