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21 Jan 2007
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I'm planning to sell my Tormek 1206 sharpening system at some stage as listed below. It was a christmas gift 3 years ago and has had little use. Was purchased from Rutlands. The stone is worn by about 15mm and is now 185mm in diameter. It is true and square as I borrowed my friends Truing Tool when I needed it. It is complete (think I still have the box in the loft) with all the original accessories, plus there are additional jigs too. The stone grader is broken into two pieces where I dropped it, but it still works. The original honing paste is half used. Below is a list of what is included. Do you think it would be best to sell it as one package or sell the original kit and sell the additional jigs individually ? How much do you think I should be asking for it if I sell as a complete package ?

Original Kit

Tormek 1206 (Stone size 185mm)
Handbook & DVD
PA-70 - Half a tube of honing paste
SVH-60 - Straight Edge Jig
WM-200 - Angle Master

Additional Items

SP-650 - Stone Grader (Broken in 2 where I dropped it)
SVD-180 - Gouge Jig
SVS-50 - Multi Jig
SVD-110 - Tool Rest