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23 May 2021
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I’m pretty unbothered by rain. I’m the one in the family that annoys the others with hearty cries of ‘no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes’ as I drag them out for a walk.

Recent experience using my driveway to cut wood to make alcove units (after much YouTubing of Petermillard - and research here. Thanks all) is changing my feelings on the matter.
The last few days have gone something like this:

‘ooh, it’s sunny. All three of my weather apps say it shall be for at least half the day from now’
*Take trestles, 2x4’s, tracksaw, vac, cyclone, rulers and sheet of 18mm mdf out onto the drive. Mask up. Prepare to make first cut*

Drizzle starts.

Take everything back in.

See after 3 minutes that drizzle has stopped.

Take everything back out. Set up. Mask up. Do up track clamps.


Shout in my mask (at least it’s muffled)

In clearing everything away, trip on vac hose, skinning knee on wall. Shout a bit more.

And repeat. At least 8 more times.

As I say, I’m normally pretty relaxed but this weather is trying even my patience.

If you are workshop-free and can only work outdoors, you have my sympathy.

If anyone needs me, I’m going to buy a massive pop-up gazebo.

Or a new house.
I have shared your pain, despite having a large garage it was full so my workbench was a trailer floor outside.

I look at the forecast for the next few days to try and plan what needs doing outside and inside. The forecast changes nearly every hour always with at least a 5% chance of rain. The forecast tomorrow morning will look nothing like todays forecast for tomorrow.

I have very little faith in the forecast at other than a high level. I am glad I am not a farmer.
You can buy a 3mx3m pop up gazebo from Argos for £100 which can save a lot of stress. They are very quick to put up with two people but a bit of a fiddle on your own. Regards Keith
You can buy a 3mx3m pop up gazebo from Argos for £100 which can save a lot of stress. They are very quick to put up with two people but a bit of a fiddle on your own. Regards Keith

I got one from tesco for 40 quid, fantastic!!!
Bought a similarly cheap one from The Range last year. The poles were held together by plastic fittings which by the time it was erected for the third time snapped.

As the plastic fittings each connected 4 poles a quick bodge was not really feasible.

Poor quality built down to a price. Check the weather forecast - wind and rain will quickly destroy it. Might be good as a sunshade in hot calm weather.
Up until last year when I completed my shed I used a pop up gazebo from here Buy Garden Marquees, Party Tent, Commercial Marquee Tents. I have the Pro 40 3m x 3m. I have had it for over 5 years it had been out most of that time through the winter weather. The frame is still in excellent condition but I have replaced the canopy twice about £90. Once snow weight did for it the last time just UV I guess. Needs weighting down if you leave it out all year. I still use it as overflow area and for cutting full sheets in poor weather.
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To be fair, mines steel poles with the metal pop out button that you press back in to disengage and lower the components.....seems well built, but i wouldn't leave it up in bad weather

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