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18 Mar 2021
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the very centre of Devon
This probably should be in the joke thread, but I wouldn't want to gum that thread up - best to save it for real jokes rather than total jokes:

I know it's about entertainment and not really about proper business and I know that it is edited for television gratification rather than commercial content, but are the producers of The Apprentice doing their very best to find the most arrogant yet inept future business people? This year's crop seem to be an order of magnitude worse than the previous pre Covid lot.

While I'm hardly an example of Britain's best business person, I like to think that I have some idea and have managed to prove it to myself when we had our own company, but it seems clear to me that arrogance, aggression and stupidity is not a substitute for age, experience and common sense. Sadly, the three last traits seem to be totally lacking in this years crop.

All of that said, the programme is still astonishingly good, cringe worthy, televisual entertainment!
I haven't watched the first episode yet, but I watched the introductions.
I remarked to SWMBO "Why are they trying to make these people look as stupid as possible?"

The last series there was little or no emphasis on business acumen just entertainment.
Just more reality Tv and shows old Sugar has a business mindset as he is really the only one making good money from this. Also remember he started when the market place was not so crowded and could still make and sell cheap IT equipment but now we don't even do that, so just right place at the right time.
I've already marked at least 6 who won't be in the last week!
The three in the boardroom, the female project manager, the lad in the yellow waistcoat and the American lady.

Funnily enough my same six marked for the chop but to be honest I would be happy if Sugar babe canned the whole ******* lot in the first week !

OK own up, who knew what Buiji means?
I turned to my wife ( as I wasn't really watching ) and said I think you misheard darling, surely she meant Bijou . Nope, when I saw the logo I had to resort to googling it and when I saw it under Urban Dictionary I knew two things a) we are too old to be street enough to know it and b) it was going to be some Cumquats lingo word which no-one ever uses. Sure enough I was proved right.
Absolutely awful.

Anyone with any business head would not be on the programme but rather working hard and making millions...
I turned to my wife ( as I wasn't really watching ) and said I think you misheard darling, surely she meant Bijou .
SWMBO when they first said it, thought it was boozy cruises.

A much better idea actually.:)
I actually thought the logo was very good, if they had coloured the bottom like human and the top like water.

Not cowpat and slime.
The last series I watched must've been around 2012 and even then it started to feel scripted or somehow manipulated for people to intentionally fail for the sake of ratings. It's a shame because this used to be a good programme in its early years.