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tail vice to wagon vice idea


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mike s

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16 Jan 2011
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epsom, surrey
i am in the process of building my first proper workbench and i have had an idea of making a wagon vice like arrangement using the tailvice
i have no idea if this is already used so please excuse me if i re-invent something!

my idea is cutting a hefty t-slot or dovetail in the top where a wagon vice would be and make a sliding piece of hardwood that is the same length as the slot, the piece of sliding harwood has a hole for a dog in it and can freely slide out past the edge of the table (slot is open at the end of the table)
when you want to use the tailvice normally all you have to do is slide the piece of hardwood in as far as it will go so the back of it is flush with the end of the tabletop so the tailvice can be used like a frontvice (i am using a record 52e)
when you do want a wagon vice like thing you unwind the tailvice, pull the sliding hardwood out, put the work on the table between the dogs then wind in the tailvice so that it pushes on the sliding hardwood and tightens the dogs

has this already been designed?
can you think of any problems with this?


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21 Oct 2002
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The Ceredigion Uplands

Have a look at this little bench top currently up for auction in Oz.
http://www.hansbrunnertools.gil.com.au/ ... 20Sale.htm

Scroll down to lot 62. Clicking the thumb pictures reveals a good quality image. The builder of this little beaut envisaged a wagon vice arrangement. The auctioneer said that it was made by a Danish craftsman. It obviously worked for him.

Chris Schwarz wrote about it in his blog recently and there was a lengthy comment discussion:
http://blog.lostartpress.com/2012/05/02 ... -deprived/

It may give you some ideas.

Good luck.