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Sold Startrite TA table saw with options


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27 Aug 2012
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Having found myself with two saws, I’m keeping the slider, so my Startrite TA saw is for sale, with options on the motor and fence.

It’s in very good condition, with everything moving freely and working as it should. It has had the motor upgraded from its original 1.1kw to 1.5kw/2hp @ 240v (TA275 spec), which will still run of a 13amp plug, and a modern DOL starter fitted. Should you have the electrical output for it, there would be the option for me to supply it with a 2.2kw motor. It will take a blade from 152mm up to 305mm.

Some specs from the manual:
-Cast iron table 710x710mm
-Footprint of the steel body 605x520mm
-Max depth of cut with 105mm at 90 degrees, 75mm at 45 degrees (305mm blade)
- Weight 180kg

Though I have it, I’ve never had the original fence fitted; when I bought it, I was told the fence needed attention, and I never intended using it anyway. The saw is currently fitted with an Axminster fence (which I’ve found excellent) and table extensions.

I also have an alternative Startrite fence which could be supplied instead. So you could have:
1. Axminster fence
2. the original fence (which “needs attention”),
2. a difference style of Startrite fence (single rail)
4. no fence at all (if you’d prefer some other fence).

The saw comes with a selection of good blades, riving knife, crown guard, Kreg mitre fence and some extraction connection bits and pieces.

Collection from Cheshire is welcome, but I’d be happy to put it on a pallet.

£750ono in current configuration
PM me to discuss options.
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I’ve added a few details above. These are very good saws, significantly better than anything available for similar money new! Having recently mooched around Axminster, I’d suggest you’d be looking at over £2K for a machine of similar quality, and a lot more still to get a 305mm/12” capacity. One advantage these saws have is the added safety of a left-tilting blade, ie the blade tilting away from the fence, lessening the likelihood of kickback.

Manuals and parts are still available for these machines, if needed, as well as a lot of knowledge on this forum and elsewhere online.
Kevs buying the fence for £600 I'll take the saw for £150 deals done!!! 🤣🤣🤣

I'll be generous and throw in the delivery FOC.

Cheers James

Oh heck


Hang on, we missed something! He's open to offer! James, you offer him 50p and I'll bid it up to a quid
When you say open to offers how much are you talking? And where abouts in Cheshire?
When you say open to offers how much are you talking? And where abouts in Cheshire?

Im near Northwich… as for offers, that’s down to the potential buyer; simply make your best!
Hi, has this been sold? I can’t message you as I haven’t been posting on this forum yet, if you can please dm me to discuss options.

HI LJM, new to forum, please confirm if still for sale and as question above can it take a dado stack, much appreciated.
Regards G