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28 Jun 2005
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South UK

Ive been searching high and low for a certain size wood blank.
Ive found a fab place that will do plain pieces in the dimensions Im after but Id like shapes cut out of it which they dont have the time to do as well.

Im after a lightweight, good quality,smoothly finished wood ,about 18cmx12cmx2cm which I could stain/varnish.
Id like to have either rectangles or circles of different sizes cut out of it and bore holes to easily insert hinges(as previous attempts on my own have gone a tad wonky).

Id like to know of a place that will cut bits out as well as cut the bits to size(dont aske for much do I!!).

Any site suggestions would greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, WonderWoman. I have a feeling you might be all out of luck, unless you can find a local amateur woodworker who'd be willing to do the job. I can't see many firms taking it on. Mind you, there's no reason you couldn't tackle the task yourself, with a little effort... D'you mind me asking what it's for? I'm dying of curiosity here. :oops: :lol:

Cheers, Alf
I've purchased blanks from in the past and found its service satisfactory. I also ordered some from yesterday, but that was just to bulk out an order for some American lacquer. I don't know if either of these businesses will be prepared to cut a blank to your requirements, but it may be worth asking. Where do you normally source your blanks, as a matter of interest?

If you fancy dabbling in woodwork, you could always use a router with an inlay cutting set to make your own customised blanks. That's probably a bit more complicated than you're looking for, though.

How about talking to a supplier of blanks - their are many advertising in the back of wood magazines, alternatively, I've found W L Wests pretty helpful

Unfortunately I think you may be in an awkward situation, you are neither a customer wanting to buy raw wood blanks, nor a customer looking to buy a finished product, but a "bit of each". Most likely thing is to find someone local to do it?

Have you tried contacting you local wood turning club?

I might be able to help, WonderWoman. Drop me a PM with a few details of the sort of use/hinges/bore diameters and I'll see if I can assist. I'm also in the South UK, so it could be workable.

Thanks for the replies everybody.

Alf- Ive looked for weeks on the net and even looked in the yellow pages yesterday but they all seemed to do beatifully sculpted work, I didnt want to bother them with little wood blanks.

Gill-Ive seen the calicocraft site but they dont have what Im after.
Dalescraft is the fab site I was recomended by another forum, they are able to do the plain wood blanks but not with the cut out bits which is a big shame because from their site pictures the wood looks to have a quality smooth finish, exactly the top quality taht Im after(Im very picky).

I have made a prototype version of it, but it has raw edges and just looks unfinisehed but Ive had positive feedback form pals so there may be public interest.

Hmmm, I could tell you what I want them for.....but then Id have to destroy you.Mwohahahahahaha.

Ok, Il say, but please keep it to yuorself as if they work out well I plan on earning a fortune and taking over the world by selling my theory.
Id like to make greetings/birthday/anniversary cards of wood.2 pieces would be hinged together, like a card/book,then Id decorate them by staining/varnishing them, adding brads,, diamantes, gold leaf, rubber stamp pictures, embossing, charms etc which people would hopefully like to keep instead of throw away.The cut out bits would be good to hang things in.

Its all in theory at the moment but Id like to see if it could become a reality to its full potential.

Argee -thanks for the offer, Il pm you.
Pleased to hear of a new forum member, but I have never had the pleasure of meeting a wonderwoman. :shock: :shock: :shock:
Haha, sadly Im not her(tho I have dressed up as her at a fancy dress doo)I was just stuck for a forum name.
WonderWoman":3qfne86l said:
Haha, sadly Im not her(tho I have dressed up as her at a fancy dress doo)I was just stuck for a forum name.

You truly are a wonderwoman, never known a lady to make such a confeesion before :D
Oh dear, maybe its coz I feel like in the company of so many kind gentlemen that I am being a tad confessional(giggles and lifts fan to cover a shy blush)

The costumes gone now but Ive made some for friends. I made a wicked Obe-wan Kenobi(star wars) outfit for £20!!!
watch it lads when a woman says kind gentlemen you know what happens :wink: :wink: .welcome fair maiden, were did you leave the plane ??? i cant see it.
go on admit it you lost it you parked it in the car park and went to look for some new boots ,and you dont know what car park you left it in :lol: :lol: 8)
Tra la la.

Just thought Id say my first wooden item was made, finished and given to its recipient last week and she loved it!!!

I would post a pic if i had a digital camera and the knowhow to get the picture onto the computer.

Just like to thank you for all your help.
Excellent news, WonderWoman. Well done - pleased to hear it all worked out okay. Thanks for letting us all know.

Any chance of finding someone with a digi. camera to help you out with a pic. I'm intrigued and would love to see your finished result.

Next project??



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