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Ive always used 5mm dia shelf pegs and drill a row of holes at 32mm centres.

I prefer the holes as they arr more discrete than library strip. A 5mm router drill and a router jig is needed.
I use flat bookcase strip (tonk strip) from Isaac Lord with double raised bookcase studs. Router cutters from Wealden or Trend. They are recessed into the sides of the bookcase and are less obvious than the supports in your post which do not sit flush with the side of the case. I have also used a jig to drill holes for pegs, but with a large number of bookcases this is too time consuming. When the case is filled with books the support system, whether it be strips or holes, will be largely hidden anyway.
Ironmongery direct also do Tonk strips, and cutters. The Screwfix strips the OP links to can also be recessed - no special bit required. Prefer strips in bookcases personally - rows of holes can look a bit too 'kitchen cabinet' for me, but agree that once the shelves are filled it doesn't make much odds either way.
Hafele also do the bookcase strips, surface mounted or recessed.
They do a Tonk cutter as well to match the recessed strips, but its silly money.
I brought a load of the recessed strips for 4 large bookcases I had to make for a client. It came out really well, but the coated MFC panels were tough on the TC tipped Tonk cutter.


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