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Sold Scheppach HS105 230v 10" Table Saw


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12 Feb 2021
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Selling my Scheppach HS105 table saw that I bought new in June 2018. It has been a good first table saw for me, and only selling as I have aquired a larger Scheppach TKU from a relative. As you can see from the photos, I have mounted the base on casters, two with brakes, as I move my machines around, and also added an MDF storage shelf. Please note I cut some off the length of the stand legs to do that, so if taken off the casters, it will stand lower than the original stand.

It comes with the all original accessories - blade guard, rip fence with attachment for small section timber, push stick, T slot mitre guage and manual, as per the photos. It comes with the original blade and also a Freud 24T blade, which is currently in it. Both used. Looking for £100. Collection only, please, from near Banbury. Bikes not included! :sneaky:

Photo 01-03-2023, 16 40 32.jpg

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