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Router Station


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1 Nov 2011
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Peak District
I had a couple of spare hours this morning, so decided it was time to use up some stock I had kicking around and make a new router station.

I bought a used table saw with a load of other tools from a lady who was selling her late husbands workshop tools. I didn't actually want the saw, but when I saw there was a Porter Cable router on the same table I wasn't about to say no as I din't have a designated router for this purpose and for $100 for the lot, it was a bargain really!

The table it was all mounted to turned out to be uneven and they both got in the way of each other being on the same table. I sold the saw in favour of a bigger, better one which left only a small table section for the router. After having a look for ideas on the net, I found several similar to the one Norm built, but being a tight git I didn't want to buy plans for it, so I figured out my own measuremnts to work around the location I plan on putting it (if anyone wants the mesurements then let me know), and using 3/4 MDF I had left over from another job, although I would of preferred to have used ply.
The top is 2 peices laminated together and is 40" wide x 36" front - back. I decided it was better to have a top that was big that could be altered later, than one that was too small and wish I had made bigger :roll:

This is the size of table I had after the saw had gone...


The new table...




It came with an aftermarket fence adjuster, so I've kept that but will make a new fence for it and route a slot or two in the table for jigs etc. The front will have a couple of drawers and a door over the router section. I'm still thinking about how to do the dust collection. I also added extra bracing behind the plinths for the addition of casters at a later date.


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4 Mar 2006
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I can see them fine. You knocked that up in a couple of hours? Strewth - that's fast work. A nice Incra Wonder Fence would finish that off nicely!