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17 Feb 2013
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So a little back story first. Im 33 and took up woodworking seriously 3 years ago and currently in my 3rd year joinery course. Refurbished the garden outbuilding (approx 5m x 4m) into a workshop and over the time have acquired various machines, power tools and hand tools etc. As I completed the workshop the first thing I made was a workbench from regular carcassing timber, OSB and MDF with the limited tools I had at the time (basically just screwed together) and a couple of regular vices bolted on.

The bench has served its purpose and as time has gone on, and my arsenal of tools has grown, and I have produced several projects upon it......I began to find it more of a hindrance against my increasing abilities.

Firstly it became apparent it was difficult to secure boards to the surface without having a clamp head on top of the work piece. The capacity of regular bench vices was insufficient for larger work pieces. And the top, over time, had begun to cup which made establishing a level impossible.....or more effort than i am prepared to extend. So time for a new bench.

Having come across Roubo benches in my woodworking education I found myself drawn to these. I was however not drawn to the retail price of buying one of any decent capacity. At north of £1500 this was certainly not an option. Even hardwood prices....I knew this wasnt gonna be cheep. Then i came across a series of youtube videos by Jordan Crawford at Jords Woodshop which I highly recommend you consult if you wish to try this.

So I built it from unassorted joinery grade pine, with sapele end caps and used some oak i had lying around for my leg vice. I bought a "front vice" and a "tail vice" from Aximinster (ironicly using the front vice for the tail vice and the tail vice for the leg vice). Its square, dead flat, leg vice applies massive clamping pressure and the tail vice with home made dogs works perfectly.

"Gasman" (Mark) has already posted a very detailed thread on the build process....which mine was along similar lines

Timber (excluding the oak i already had), vice hardware, about a litre of glue, coach bolts and washers, a couple of drill bits i didnt have, tin of varnish...........somewhere around £300.

Thanks for looking and Im happy to answer any questions.


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NICE BENCH - really good looks far better than mine
Well done especially the finishing touches like the dovetails on the end vice etc
Cheers Mark
That's way too smart to use as a workbench !!! :lol: make another a bit rough around the edges and use this one as a dining table :cool:
seriously smart job there- enjoy using it !
That is a beautiful bench, i love the dovetail detaiil and the contrast between the diferrent timbers., very well done.
Thank you guys for your kind comments. I am trying to aspire to high standards in my work, though I find at times this exceeds my current knowledge and abilities. So receiving positive feedback from you guys at this early stage of my woodworking career is greatly appreciated.
As I'm caught between making the new workshop and making a bench (as to which first) and had just concluded a quick bench until I read yours, and Mark's, threads.....

now I may aim a lot higher than I had planned - but still way below these!

thanks for the inspiration.