Removing a mirror stuck with silicon

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Can you get anything behind it?? I once used an old rule, 2ft I think, and sharpened one edge and kind of sawed through the silicone/mirror adhesive.
Lidl had a specific "silicone remover" in their special offers a few weeks back. Haven't had cause to try it yet, but if they can sell it, it implies that such stuff must be available elsewhere. It's a liquid with a strong "organic solvent" smell, but no idea what is the main constituent.
I was thinking "solvent", mtr1 but, you've got me thinking :idea: hacksaw blade,wire, etc, and I do have an old flexible 2' rule, thanks,

If you have access, put a thin piece of wire (longer than the width of the mirror) between the mirror and the MFC. Hold the ends of the wire, one in each hand, and saw down through the silicon. I've seen windscreen fitters use this method to cut through the sealant when removing car screens.


Silicone remover is freely available (Screwfix, Toolstation, DIY sheds ebay etc), but I suggest you don't use it or a solvent as it has a nasty habbit of atacking and degrading the silvered back of mirrors.

I agree with Oz an personally would use a wire if available, (wrap the ends around some dowelling to make handles), having had to replace windscreens on both our cars within the last month :( I can vouch for how effective the method is. Failing that the old steel rule works.

Can you be sure it is silicone and not mirrorfix which is almost impossible to remove without breaking the mirror?

+1 for all the above.

I used a long length of picture hanging wire (the braided/twisted brass-coloured stuff from the local DIY emporium) with a couple of bits of dowel as handles (cheese cutter). Was tempted to try acetone but fortunately tried it on an old bit of mirror first and it took the silvering straight off as soon as I touched it with a rag or something.

FWIW, I THINK acetone is a primary constiuent of both silicon remover (and superglue remover - cyano acrylate (Sp?).

Can you be sure it is silicone and not mirrorfix which is almost impossible to remove without breaking the mirror?Bob
Pretty sure it's silicone, one mirror came off with just a scraper, leaving the residue on the mirror and melamine.Thanks for all the great ideas, I have some picture hanging wire too, will see which works out best.I have an idea about a rod saw and some string may try that too.

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