Refinishing engineered wood flooring

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21 Dec 2018
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Hi all, I have installed some engineered wood in my kitchen and my washing machine had an issue and flooded so I need to refinish the floor. It was a lacquered LFUK one I purchased 3 years ago from Stories Flooring. Do you think I should sand it and refinish it in oil? I heard oil is more protective against water spills. I should have installed LVT un hindsight. The floor looks amazing though so I really want to keep it, What are your thoughts on the best finish I should reapply? I saw this article which is helpful but I just need some opinions
Hi everyone we have 2 E O Life Westies and our 2 halls have suffered the p****ng etc. during the night (we have now taken some preventative measures). The 2 hall floors are engineered wood about 12-15 years old. In one area when it first started there is about a meter plus of black staining about 50mm wide. This is obviously the contents of the urine soaking into the wood. Does anybody know how thick good quality engineered wood flooring, of the age that we have, would be, i.e. could we get away with getting a pro refinisher in to sand the 2 areas or, accept having the floor relaid? We are elderly and it's a bit beyond our own capabilities now 81yrs plus.