Record cl2 running rough?

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10 Mar 2021
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I purchased a used CL2 with a problamatic bearing or mis-alignment issue. I replaced the bronze bearing, back bearing and spindle which I thought made it run quieter and smoother although there was still some noise present.

After recently attempting a bowl turn on a piece of 6" green ash I noticed it ran a lot rougher on spindle turning. Typically the spindle will vibrate, even though each end has been turned successfully on another lathe. Im using a 4 prong drive centre and live centre on the tailstock. What can I do to rectify the rough running? Also as the lathe sits on a wooden bench are there some levelling issues to sort out or adjustment of the bars?

Any comments and suggestions appreciated as I am pulling my hair out.

Drive belt in good condition? Do the points on the drive & live centre line up?
Other than that it may be the piece of wood. Can you try another piece?
Hi Robbo

I replaced the bronze bearing about a year or 2 ago and the belt. I havent used it much and it probably needs some levelling bot head to tailstock and across the bed bars. I did run the new bearing in for 1 hour on the lowest speed. There could be a couple of issues; 1) I found out that using motor car oil is not supposed to be good for the bronze due to detergent additives in the oil could be corrosive, 2) Its possible that the pullies might not be in exact alingnment.

The bearing does make a rumbling sound which doesnt sound too healthy, should I strip the bearing down? What should I look for, and can the bearing be fixed?
Have you correctly tightened it up. Just shooting the breeze. No idea how it's done but I did swap a belt on one years ago which involved removing the spindle.
The manual states - Lubricate with a 30-40 grade lubricating oil or if this is not available a good quality motor oil SAE 10W-40 is a suitable alternative.
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Hi Jonnyb,

could be that the bearing isnt correctly tightened. Im inclined to take the spindle and bearing out and refit if only to check any wear. It might mean I need a new rear roller bearing as I think it was a tight fit last time.
Those taper bearings need to have the correct clearance to allow them to float. The surfaces need to be good enough to maintain the oil film.(not damaged) and the oil reservoir needs to deliver the correct grade oil.
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I have a CL2 and was experiencing vibration that was even transmitted through the tool rest. Tried innumerable ideas to counter it, to no real effect.
New spindle,belt and bearings didn't help. Love the lathe so bought a 1hp 3-phase motor and VFD. Now totally smooth and incredibly quiet. Added benefit of speed control and reverse. The bronze bearing is a real asset if lubricated and adjusted correctly. Does your motor vibrate with the belt off? Mine did!


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Hi Bob,

The motor does vibrate with the belt off, so could be a motor bearing issue as well.

Did you build your 3 phase array yourself from separate vfd and motor or is this a dedicated kit?
I bought all the individual components from Amazon. Very much cheaper than a kit and precisely what I wanted. Only special part I had to make was a shaft extender for the motor. Was worried about RF interference but not had a problem using un-shielded cables. Speed display works but is unnecessary. Programming VFD was easier than expected and amazingly versatile. So impressed I also converted my Record DML 305 and my bench drill. Some technical knowledge is advisable when doing this type of electrical work but plenty of info on YTube.