Poor Service From Axminster


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11 Feb 2011
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Lampeter , West Wales
For the first time in many years of dealing with Axminster I am far from happy with my latest experience. Having done all the Christmas spending and still with a few bob left I decided to treat myself to a new Lie Nielsen chisel. On their website some sizes were listed as being out of stock so I carefully ordered one that was clearly shown as being still in stock. After the post had been delivered today with still no sign of my new toy I checked on the website to find that my order is still only showing as being processed, email to Axminster soon followed expressing my disappointment. Their response several hours later was a brief apology and a statement the they would be expecting some in after the 18th January. Not even asking if I was still happy to wait, the least I would have expected would be an email as soon as they were back at work on the 29th explaining the lack of stock and asking what I wished to do.
Thats a bit unusual for Axminster, but occassionally some things slip through and are not as good as we expect. Do you wish to cancel or wait for the goodies even though they are not as expected. Perhaps a call to clarify why you were not advised about stocks. Possibly between your order time and with the shop open, the last item may have gone without time to change the site stock position. It does sometimes happen that way.

Probably just a case of wanting to moan about it somewhere. Customer services have been in touch and the matter has been sorted amicably. As you say it is unusual for them and mistakes do happen so I am happy now to forget about it.
I have bought a few things from Axminster over the years and until my last purchase (A Jet sharpening system) All was well. The only fault... They took the money 3 times off my debit card by mistake. Some mistake. Got the money back after 4 days when it was all starting to get a bit emotional. Haven’t ordered anything since. Maybe its time..